iOS Contacts

Automatically sync your ServiceM8 customers to your iPhone/iPad contacts.


With this add-on, any customer with an active quote or work order in your account will automatically be added to your iPhone or iPad contacts list.  

With just a few settings tapped into your iPhone/iPad you get

  • All of your ServiceM8 client contact details automatically added to your iPhone address book
  • When a client calls your phone, their name, company and job #  appear on your phone as you answer the call
  • You can choose either to have all of your clients on your phone, or just the clients you have active jobs with – as each job is completed, the client will disappear  automatically from your phone. This is great if you have a lot of clients.
  • It work’s if you have a single iPhone, but it’s even better when all of your staff have iPhones, as soon as a client job is created in ServiceM8, everyone has the contacts details in their phones in a matter of minutes.