ServiceM8 4.0

Beautifully simple. Simply beautiful.

Available 9 October 2015

ServiceM8 4.0

Our focus has always been on improving small business. In ServiceM8 4.0, you have access to more information in fewer taps. Every screen has been optimised, making 4.0 our fastest version yet. The simple new clean design is easier to read and use.

ServiceM8 Job View

Everything you need.
In one view.

Access to all the information you need in a job instantly. See where a job is, who it’s for and what you need to do, all in one simple view.

ServiceM8 Job List

Cleaner. Clearer.

Clear, sharp and legible layout and text. Navigate with ease and understand in a single glance.

Powerful new map view.

Jobs are sorted by distance, quickly jump between them with a tap.

ServiceM8 Invoicing View

Simple Invoice Management.

Managing your invoices on your iPhone or iPad has never been easier.

ServiceM8 iOS9 Multitasking

iOS 9 Multitasking

Discover new ways to multitask with ServiceM8 by taking advantage of iOS 9’s multitasking feature.

Booking Conflicts Feature

Booking Conflicts

A simple notification to prevent double booking staff.

Photo Checklist item Feature

Photo Checklist item

Add photo tasks to your jobs to ensure your staff take the photos you need.

iOS Contacts integration

iOS Contacts integration

Send emails to your iOS contacts directly from ServiceM8.

ServiceM8 Login Screen on iPad and iPhone

ServiceM8 4.0

Available 9 October 2015

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