Job Templates

Create job templates which can be used to easily book new jobs with pre-filled information, items/services and more.


Job Templates

Save staff time and get consistency across your jobs by using Job Templates.

Job templates make it very easy for new staff members to create a job without leaving important information out.

This can become a powerful training tool, when can create step by step instructions on on how to complete a specific job

For instance an apprentice can check that he has completed all the steps noted for a specific service or installation or job site.

You can also use the diary notes to create administration reminder steps.


How does it work?

Once you have activated the Job Templates Add-On, the new Icon will appear on your Settings Page.

Every Job Template you create will be given a name and stored in here for editing or updating.

The New Job button becomes a pull down menu, choose the Job Template you wish to use and the job will be created with the pre-filled information, items and diary notes from your template.


Information such as

  • Client Name
  • Step by step Instructions in the diary notes on how to complete the job or process the administration
  • Materials entered in the invoicing page
  • Labour rate chosen
  • Description of work done
  • Badges for attachments (Ie JSA or WPA’s)
  • Milage or Accomodation Costs Calculated for Specific Remote locations.


Types of Templates you can create

  • Common Customers -  Automatically Chooses your Client name 
  • Common Jobs
  • After Hours Job - Add pre set labour rates, any specific instructions, badges
  • Specific Customer - Add JSA Form, Instructions
  • Specific Job - Add instructions on equipment use or location specific information.


For Example a Cleaning Business who does work on Government Contracts, may require specific safety equipment worn, forms completed or security requirements.

Templates ensure all these are pre-filled on the job every item it’s created.

Build a template once and bring consistency across all your staff and business processes.