Job Templates

Create job templates which can be used to easily book new jobs with pre-filled information, items/services and more.


Save staff time and get consistency across your jobs by using Job Templates.

Job templates make it very easy for new staff members to create a job without leaving important information out. It's also a powerful training, quality assurance, profitability and time-saving tool to systemise the creation, completion & billing of common jobs your business does.

For instance, an apprentice can check that he has completed all the steps noted for a specific service, installation or job site. Materials & services can also be added to the Quotes & Invoicing tab of the template as a starting point to ensure the job is charged properly.

How does it work?

Once you have activated the Job Templates Add-On, it will become available in your Settings menu.

Every Job Template you create will be given a name and stored in here for editing or updating.

The New Job option in both the app and Online Dashboard then becomes a pull-down menu, where you can choose the Job Template you wish to use when creating the job. The new job will be created with the pre-filled information, items and diary notes from your template, such as

• Client Name
• Job description
• Checklist job requirements
• Job notes
• Billable items in the Quotes & Invoicing tab
• Labour rate
• Description of Work Completed
• Badges for attachments (Ie JSA or WPA’s)  

Types of job templates you can create include

• Service contract clients i.e. automatically populates the client's name
• Standard types of jobs or services
• After hours jobs e.g. add preset labour rates, specific instructions, Badges
• Specific customer e.g. add a custom JSA Form, specific client or site instructions
• Specific job e.g. add instructions on equipment use, steps and checks

Job templates are a great way to save time, systemise, and instil consistency and quality into all jobs across the business.