Email Inbox

Get your own ServiceM8 email address. Forward emails directly to your dispatch board so they can be converted to jobs.


Inbox is a new and faster way to convert emails into new jobs. Now you can forward job related emails directly into ServiceM8 including all attachments, If the email is from an existing client it will even automatically assign the job to them.

How does it work?

When you activate the ServiceM8 inbox in your account, you're given your own ServiceM8 email address - any emails forwarded to this address will appear automatically on your Dispatch Board, ready for you to covert to jobs.

To convert an inbox message into a new job, select the message, and then press convert to job. If the email is from an existing client, then the new job will be created with their details. All information in the email is transferred automatically to the job diary, the original email and any attachments are now part of your new job in a single step.