ServiceM8 Network

Join the ServiceM8 Network so you can send and receive work orders from other ServiceM8 customers.


ServiceM8 Network aims to make it much easier to deal with subcontracted work. It does this by providing you with tools to describe the work that has to be done, make it easy for your subcontractors to fulfil your requirements, and enabling you to manage and track the progress of your subcontracted jobs.

You’d send a Network Request in a scenario where you’re requesting another business provide you with a quote, or you’re engaging them to do a job, in a subcontracting arrangement. You can also receive Network Requests from other businesses which use ServiceM8.

Joining the Network is very easy, simply enable the ServiceM8 Network add-on in the Settings area of your ServiceM8 account. After you activate the ServiceM8 Network add-on, any Network Requests sent to your business e-mail address (configured in Settings > Preferences) will arrive in your ServiceM8 Inbox, ready to be converted into a job.

ServiceM8 Network also makes it easy to work with subcontractors who don't use ServiceM8. Subcontractors can complete checklist items, upload photos and videos, attach documents, and complete forms through an online portal, all of which update the relevant job's Job Diary in real time.

This all means you can work with other businesses as easily as your own team, keeping these types of jobs inside your ServiceM8 account, and with the same visibility and quality assurance you have over your normal jobs.