Website and Email

Create a professional website and email address for your business.


Having a website and branded email address is essential for your online discoverability and professionalism. But, it's a chore to set up and maintain.

The Website & Email Add-on makes it as fast & easy as possible to get a live, professional website and email address.

Instant Domain

Search available domains to match your brand and we'll register it for you, instantly.

Professional Email

Emails you send from ServiceM8 will come from your new, branded email address.

Easy Setup

Choose your domain, verify your email, write an 'About Us', social links, colour theme, team photo - done!

Online Booking

Your website automatically includes your Online Booking Services, making it easy for clients to enquire or book, day or night.

Customer Reviews

Reviews from the Customer Feedback Add-on automatically update to your website, which you can add photos to for extra impact.

Photo Gallery

The gallery lets you easily showcase your workmanship. Share photos to your site's gallery directly from the ServiceM8 App.