Group materials together into prebuilt bundles.


The Bundles Add-on is a way to streamline and systemise your pricing, quoting & invoicing. With this add-on, you can roll several items of labour, materials or services into a preset ‘bundle’, with a fixed price and a single description for clients to see on your quotes & invoices. 

Bundles makes it easier to accurately charge for your services and systemise your pricing, while guiding your clients to focus on the value and outcomes they’re paying for. 

Save Time & Systemise

Build fixed-price bundles to streamline quoting & invoicing, and systemise pricing of your popular service components & options.

Search & Add Bundles

You can easily search a Bundle by number or keyword (just like normal), to add them to jobs.

View Bundle Contents

Online, hover over a Bundle to quick-view its contents, and click to open it up. In the app, simply tap to open the bundle to see its contents.

Optimise per Job

Make one-off changes to a Bundle to suit the job — add or delete items, adjust quantities or modify pricing.

Help Clients See Value

Set a customer-facing description for each Bundle, to help clients understand the value of your services.

Keep Pricing Current

Bundle items will automatically update from your Materials & Services database, so your pricing is always up-to-date.

Charge & Track Components

Optimise how your services present to clients on your quotes and invoices, while accurately charging for your items and services.

Plus, when you approve an invoice containing bundles to your accounting software, it will break down into the components of the bundle to keep your reporting accurate.