Track My Arrival

Allow customers to see staff arriving at jobs in real-time via SMS.


Many clients get a little anxious about their booking time, and feel uncertain about planning their day. When and how you arrive can set the tone for their entire experience with the business. This is why it's a good idea to use 'On the Way' texts to let clients know you're en-route, with an auto-calculated Estimated Time of Arrival.

When you’re ready to head to the job, tap Start Job, then Navigate to job, and provided there’s a mobile number against the client, you can tap ‘Notify Client’ to send them an SMS that you’re on the way, including an ETA.

Track My Arrival

For an added touch, activate the ‘Track My Arrival’ add-on. When you send a client an 'On the Way' text letting them know you're en-route, they'll also receive an invitation to click a pop-up which allows them to view your vehicle moving on the map towards their location on their smartphone.

This adds a real ‘wow factor’ and fun way to keep your customers informed, so they aren’t uncertain as to your ETA and left wondering if they have time to pop out to the shop or have a quick shower.