Smart Contacts

Automatically update Client contact details from Job data.


With the Smart Contacts add-on, you get the ability to add 'Property Manager' contacts to jobs, and activate 'save-as-you-go' updating of contact information from job cards to client cards.

Property Manager Contact

If you do work orders for real estate rental & letting clients, these jobs involve a property manager you might need to contact about issues or approvals.

With Smart Contacts, you can add a Property Manager as a third type of contact for a job. Just hover & click to add in the Contacts field of the job card, and they’ll be available to email, text & call just like other contacts.

Save-as-you-go Updates to Client

For those times you don’t get a contact’s email or phone number the first time round, or misspell their name, with Smart Contacts you now simply add or edit these details on the job card, and it will update the client card. This way, you’ll have the new details on future jobs for the client.