Recurring Jobs + Reminders

Schedule long term recurring jobs and reminders to followup customers after job completion (after sales services, etc).


Recurring Jobs

Control the scheduling of repeat work which recurs on a daily, weekly, monthly or yearly basis. Use Job Templates, or Services you've created with the Services Add-on, to easily set job requirements for standard types of recurring jobs in your business.


While Recurring Jobs are great to manage confirmed recurring work, Reminders assist in managing potential follow-up work. With Reminders, you can set a reminder to arrive in your ServiceM8 Inbox 3, 6 or 12 months after completion of a job, reminding you to follow-up the client regarding their next service / appointment.

Follow-Up Badges

Follow-Up Badges allow you to quickly set a one-off reminder for a job, give your customer a quick after-service call or SMS, or let them know their house, lawn, product or pool etc is due for a check-up. It is a great way to provide better customer service and generate more work.