Paperless Forms in the Field

Paperless Forms in the Field

Protect your staff and business with forms customised for your industry

Completed in minutes.
Stored forever.
Forms can be completed on any iPhone or iPad, and will be stored with the job permanently.

• No more lost paperwork
• Signatures captured on the screen and saved to the form
• Complete it in the field and view it back in the office in real time
• Email forms to customers, staff and suppliers
• Search past forms in seconds
• Secure in the Cloud

Ask simple questions.
Produce professional documents.
Step through a list of questions, and produce comprehensive reports and documents for your business.

• Capture signatures from clients or staff
• Multiple choice questions for easy completion
• Perform and record calculations
• Checklists ensure consistency across jobs and staff
• Produce professional documents with your logo and style
• PDF document can’t be modified, and can be emailed with ease

Protect your business.
And get control.
With consistency and compliance, forms allow you to manage work and safety in the field and get control.

• Manage your ‘on the job’ compliance
• Improve staff health & safety on the job
• Forms available in the field anywhere, anytime, every job
• Checklist prompts staff to complete before proceeding
• Ensure you comply with government regulations
• Systematic procedures delivers quality
• Job checklists ensure staff work consistently

Smart Job Management.
ServiceM8 is smart job management software that’s designed for small businesses.

• It's online, so you can work when and where you want. Just login with your iPad, iPhone or computer.
• Designed to be used by everyone in your business, from field staff to back office staff and management
• You'll have real-time info on what quotes and jobs are on the go, and where and when staff are at client sites

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Backup & Security
With ServiceM8, your data is stored safely in the cloud. So if your computer fails, you don't need to worry about loss of your data. Your ServiceM8 account is automatically backed up to multiple data-centers around the world every night. Our servers are secured with bank-grade encryption, so no-one can access your data but you.
Too busy? Get help.
Get in touch with a ServiceM8 Partner to assist building customised forms for your business. If you're not already using ServiceM8, they can help you with that too.

Getting started is
With no hardware or software to install, you'll be booking your first job in minutes, with immediate benefits.

You'll find the Forms add-on within your ServiceM8 account, under the ServiceM8 Add-ons menu. If you're not already using ServiceM8, getting started is easy - sign up online and find out how ServiceM8 can help your business.

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