ServiceGuru Vehicle Portal

Store important information on all your vehicles in one simple, convenient and secure location with the ServiceGuru Vehicle Portal.

$7.99 / month


The ServiceGuru Vehicle Portal allows you to store and track information on all your vehicles, from servicing, MOT, inspections & repairs and equipment associated with particular vehicles, such as tools, ladders and vehicle safety equipment. Best of all, the Vehicle Portal’s automatic vehicle inspection setting helps you stay compliant and ensure staff complete vehicle inspections when required.

- Store important information and images of each vehicle in your business
- Record and set reminders for next service date
- Record and set reminders for MOT or required government vehicle inspection
- Schedule and assess staff vehicle inspections with associated inspection forms on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.
- Store information of equipment on that vehicle e.g. first aid box, tools, ladders, GPS, etc.
- Store driver details e.g. licence points, insurance details, etc.
- Access accident report forms directly from any job card
​- Used through the Online Dashboard