ServiceGuru Triggers

Automatically send renewal notices and follow-up quotes with our System Triggers add-on.

$9.99 / month


The ServiceGuru System Triggers add-on gives you even more control over your system and the ability to automatically communicate with your customers based on a trigger action. Perfect for sending out renewal notices, following up quotes through multiple stages, notifying clients of actions taken, etc. Set the action, set a delay, then create an email / text / email and text which the system will send automatically. Then sit back as your system does the heavy lifting (remembering).
- Automate contract and certificate renewals for inspection
- Automate warning notification for expiring warranties
- Automate messages to customer based on a specific job action, i.e. work scheduled, job completed, etc.
- Automatically re-market to a customer that has had a quote for a long time, e.g., discount offer
- Automatically follow-up with a customer to see if they need additional services, e.g., additional carpets cleaned