ServiceGuru Price Adjuster

Try free for 14 days, thereafter monthly fee applies.
Quickly and easily apply percentage based and fixed price adjustments to your jobs at the click of a button


Welcome to the new and improved ServiceGuru Price Adjuster add-on! Try free for 14 days, thereafter monthly fee of just 2.99!

ServiceGuru Price Adjuster allows you to easily create pricing adjustments on a percentage basis, fixed amount or combination and apply those to any job taking away the long manual process of calculating and adding to line items.

- Adjust prices in either direction - give discounts or add charges!
- Apply percentage, fixed price or percentage and fixed price adjustments
- Assign presets to be automatically selected on a per-client basis
- Amend the amounts from the presets before applying
- This add-on is available in both the ServiceM8 app and desktop