ServiceGuru Job Tracker

Keep track of the jobs you have on the go with the ServiceGuru Job Tracker - perfect for projects or jobs requiring multiple staff over numerous site visits.

$47.99 / month


The ServiceGuru Job Tracker offers simple and effective task management for jobs and projects. Break down a job into a set of tasks that are fully synced with ServiceM8. For each task, keep track of the due date, job progress and time it has taken to complete it, to get a better sense of the things you’re doing well and where you might want to improve. Job Tracker is perfect for complex jobs, such as those which require you to coordinate a team on site. Best of all, it’s highly flexible, enabling you to complete a variety of tasks from building templates in seconds to tracking activities outside of ServiceM8, such as To-Do Lists.
- Perfect for jobs that require multiple staff involving numerous tasks over days or months
- Track job progress in real-time
- Allocate tasks to specific staff members
- Create task templates consisting of frequently required tasks
- Notify clients of job progress as you go
- Tasks appear in the job card assigned to that staff member
- Know exactly what still requires doing for a project
- Track days remaining until a project deadline
- Works on both the field and desktop app