ServiceGuru Attachment Privacy v2

Try free for 14 days, thereafter monthly fee applies.

The ServiceGuru Attachment Privacy add-on is invaluable for those wanting to store sensitive information on the job card.


Welcome to the new and improved ServiceGuru Attachment Privacy add-on! Try free for 14 days, thereafter pay a low monthly fee of just 3.99!

ServiceGuru Attachment Privacy allows you to decide who gets to see your attachments to the job card, over and above of your standard security roles. When you include an attachment to a job card, you can make it visible to selected individuals and invisible to everyone else. Ideal for when you have confidential information that not everyone with access to the job card should see, whether that’s supplier invoices; financial information; access control information, such as passwords and gate codes, or other security details

- Decide which individuals get to see your attachments to the job card while making the attachments invisible to everyone else
- Ideal for communicating confidential information intended for specific individuals
- Helps you treat sensitive information, such as supplier invoices, financial information, access control information and other security details, with the necessary discretion