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Dennis Green

"After trialing a lot of other apps (and much frustration and disappointment) we will now be moving from Geoop to ServiceM8 for the day to day functions of our plumbing business. Try it, I promise you'll be impressed!"

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Tim Bloy

"Have tried them all, GeoOp, Vworkapp, Syncroteam then ServiceM8. This software rocks. Our team love it in that it has service reporting and forms from within the app. The biggest plus is the xero interface which actually works properly unlike many others we tried. The platform seems very stable as well."

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Everything you need to run your business

ServiceM8 provides everything you need to manage your jobs, staff and customers. Take control and work smarter with real-time communication between your office, field staff and customers.

Job Management

Access all client and job details from the field, anywhere, anytime. Field staff have all the info they need to get the job done.

Staff Scheduling

Easily manage your staff schedules from anywhere. Simply drag jobs onto the desired time and staff member.

Capture Photos & Videos

Photos or videos are automatically saved to the job. Everyone in the business can then access and view them instantly.

Checklists & Tasks

Use checklists and tasks to ensure jobs are done right the first time, every time.

Online Bookings

Allow your customers to get a live quote, select a time, then book a service with your business.

Electronic Forms

Complete site audits, procedures, and checklists in the field, then immediately turn them into professional PDF reports.

Real-time Staff Locations

Seeing all your staff on a map helps you make smart dispatch decisions, without having to interrupt them with a call or SMS.

Quoting & Invoicing

Create professional quotes and invoices in the field easily. Customer and item details update from Xero automatically.

Customer Notifications

Notify customers you're on the way to the job, with an estimated time of arrival. Automatically SMS clients about upcoming bookings.

Credit Card Payments

Make it as easy as possible for your clients to pay you. Take payment straight away through the app, or send them a link to pay online.

Complete Job History

Access a full history of work done for every client, including notes, photos, emails, and messages - anywhere.


Start off simple, and over time enhance your account with Add-ons to suit your business as it grows.

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Powerful mobile experience

Impressive communication, navigation, quoting, job management and invoicing capability, tailored for ease of use with your iPhone or iPad.

Offline Access

Field staff can access all job information, see their schedule, take photos and videos, collect signatures, and much more - all without internet connectivity. 

In fact, the only limitation while completely offline is the ability to produce templates and send emails/TXTs. Once you're back online, all changes will automatically sync

Finish the job on the first visit

Built-in checklists and job requirements ensure each job is done right the first time, and job 'badges' can be used to highlight critical information about a job.

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Quote & invoice in the field

Create professional quotes and invoices in seconds. Print, email, SMS or even post them to your clients while standing on site.

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Take payment on site

Take payments anywhere directly through the ServiceM8 app, and even allow your customers to pay online.

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Capture the client's signature

Record proof that a customer is happy to proceed with a job, or pay for work you’ve just completed.

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Complete safety forms electronically

Customisable question & answer forms allow field staff to produce comprehensive PDF reports and documents on site. With everything automatically stored in the cloud, no more paperwork!

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Drag and drop scheduling

Access your schedule, map and job list all from one screen: we call it the dispatch board. You'll love not having to wait for the page to reload every time you need to open a job or make changes.You're going to save hours.

Seamless accounting integration.

Clients, items, invoices and payments all sync seamlessly between ServiceM8 and your accounting package. No more double entry, ever.

From first call to payment. You're in control.

What sets ServiceM8 apart

ServiceM8 is simple to use but powerful, our app is incredibly fast and reliable and we've aligned our goals with yours, we do everything we can to help you complete more jobs.

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ServiceM8 takes reliability and availability seriously, and our software is built from the ground up with this in mind. The ServiceM8 mobile app works offline, so even during poor coverage field users are still able to access their schedules, jobs and record notes and photos.

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You'll love our app

If you think all apps are created equal, think again. ServiceM8's mobile app is fast, you'll never wait for a photo to save again. And once you've billed your first job using ServiceM8, you won't use anything else.

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Constantly Improving

ServiceM8 releases improvements and new functionality regularly. Check out our timeline for a history of what we've released in the past.

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How safe is your business with GeoOp?

GeoOp has had multiple changes in management and is focused on investor interest, ServiceM8 remains focused on small business.


  • Same management team since launch in 2010
  • Same pricing since launch in 2010
  • Focused on helping small business