Special Pricing for New Businesses

50% off for 12 months.

Backing Small Business

Our founders created ServiceM8 after starting their own small trade business. ServiceM8 is for small businesses.

We know small business, we love small business, and we back small business. 

That’s why if you’re a new business owner, we’ll help you get started with 50% off your first 12 months.

How it works

*Please read the offer’s Terms & Conditions below before taking action.


How do you define a 'New Business'?

Your business must be less than 2 years old i.e. registered less than 2 years before submitting your claim. See the T&Cs below for full details.

What proof is required that my business is less than 2 years old?

An official record/document of your business's registration, which includes your business's name, and the registration date.

What if I'm a new business owner but I've already subscribed to a plan?

If you've subscribed to a ServiceM8 plan less than 14 days ago you can still submit your proof of new business ownership to support@servicem8.com for consideration.

Can I claim multiple times?

No, the offer can only be claimed once per business, for one ServiceM8 subscription. Please see the T&Cs for all requirements.

What does ServiceM8 cost?

We have a range of monthly plans, based on value and priced for small business. All plans come at a single monthly price, with unlimited users.
View ServiceM8 pricing.

What are the setup options?

We have self-serve resources you can follow to DIY. Or, you can pay a ServiceM8 Partner to set up your account, customise templates, create forms & more.
Find a local ServiceM8 Partner.

Can I pay for setup and training services?

Yes. ServiceM8 Partners can help you from initial consultation through to setup and training. They'll save you time, streamline the process and add a lot of value.
Find a local ServiceM8 Partner.

I have more questions, where can I get help?

You can start a chat with one of our helpful support staff anytime, or send an email to support@servicem8.com and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.

Terms & Conditions

This offer begins 8 December 2021 and has no set end date, but may end at any time without notice. 

To redeem the offer, you must submit evidence of your new business to support@servicem8.com, in accordance with these terms, before or within 14 days of subscribing to a ServiceM8 plan.

You will be advised by email reply from ServiceM8 Support to confirm if you are eligible for the special, and if so, that the New Business special has been applied to your account.

Only new subscribers to ServiceM8 are eligible for this offer. Existing subscriptions established before 8 December 2021 are not eligible.

You must subscribe via your Online Dashboard login accessed via www.servicem8.com/login-page i.e. the offer is not compatible with any other form of subscribing to ServiceM8, including third-party app stores and In App Purchase subscriptions.

Evidence of your business being established within the last 24 months must be supplied to ServiceM8 at support@servicem8.com, with the subject line reading 'New Business Special'. This evidence must be an official record/document of your business's registration, which includes your business's name and the registration date.

Only one claim of the New Business special can be made per business.

Only accounts with new ServiceM8 subscriptions, and supplying the proof required under this offer to support@servicem8.com, in accordance with these terms, before or within 14 days of subscribing to a ServiceM8 plan, are eligible to receive the New Business special.

No refunds of any kind will be provided. It is your responsibility to evaluate this offer in the context of your circumstances, and ServiceM8 as a solution for your business requirements. ServiceM8 offers a 14-day free trial — please evaluate whether ServiceM8 is the right fit for your business before taking action on the offer.

ServiceM8 reserves the right to withdraw the offer and/or remove the special from any account where it believes, in its sole discretion, that you have not engaged in the offer in good faith and consistent with the offer’s intent.

The value provided under this offer is a discount to your ServiceM8 account subscription, only.

This offer does not "stack" with any other ServiceM8 offer.

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