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Getting Started Guide

Once you've created your ServiceM8 account, follow this quick-start guide and you’ll be up and running fast.


Test drive the basics

Try out some of the core features of ServiceM8 to see how it will fit into your business.

Install the ServiceM8 iOS app

Download the ServiceM8 app from Apple's App Store and log in.

Create a job from the Dispatch Board (web)

Click the New Job button and enter the client and job details.

Schedule the job to a staff member (web)

Drag the newly created job onto your own staff icon in the schedule.

Open the job on the app

Navigate to the job site, take photos, and add notes about work done.

Invoice and complete the job on the app

Add labour and materials to the job and then send the invoice.


Personalise your account

Basic account setup which also helps you understand how ServiceM8 works.


Ready to go?

We've got plans that will suit your business & a roadmap for how to implement ServiceM8.


Final steps

Tidy up your account and start scheduling work so you can hit the ground running.

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