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Locksmith Software: Job & Schedule Management

Powerful job management for locksmith businesses. Manage jobs, staff, customers & invoicing, anywhere. Eliminate paperwork, provide better service, & get paid faster.

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App for locksmith businesses

Life of a Locksmith job in ServiceM8

Client calls

Client calls in, they need some new locks installed.

Job created

The client and job details are recorded in ServiceM8.

Instead of writing the client & job details onto a piece of paper or a diary, you record what locksmithing work the customer wants directly into ServiceM8.

Job card for locksmith work

Schedule the job to a locksmith in the field.

Your locksmith will be instantly notified that they've been scheduled a job with the appointment time. They're then automatically reminded when to leave to ensure they arrive on time.

Schedule locksmith job
Complete job

The assigned locksmith views the job details and completes it.

  • Access to all job details on site
  • Record photos and videos
  • Complete checklists
  • Produce locksmith forms or service certificates electronically
Locksmith Checklist

The locksmith can then add labour and items to produce an invoice on site.

  • Add materials with up-to-date pricing
  • Add total labour automatically
  • Produce a professionally branded invoice
  • Collect client sign-off for the work
Locksmith Invoice

The locksmith can take payment straight away.

  • Take credit card payments on site; or
  • Let the customer view and pay the invoice online
Take payment for locksmith job

The invoice is synced to your accounting package.

  • Sync invoices to your accounting package in two clicks
  • Payments are automatically synced so the invoice is ready to be reconciled

Features Locksmith businesses love:

Complete Locksmith Forms & Reports

Forms let your locksmithing field staff complete access forms, site audits, procedures, installation reports or certificates. Simply working through a list of questions, you can generate professional PDF documents on site.

Locksmith Job Safety Analysis

Job Checklists for Locksmiths

With built-in checklists, you can create a list of tasks for a job to improve quality and consistency, ensuring each job’s done right the first time, every time.

Checklist of Locksmith job

Dispatch your locksmiths fast to urgent jobs

Need to manage locksmith call-out jobs?

Quickly view the status and location of all field staff to make fast dispatch decisions. Allocate to the closest available staff member and they'll be instantly notified, receive all job details, and be on their way.

Dispatch locksmiths fast to urgent jobs

Automated client communication

Set ServiceM8 to automatically email or SMS clients to remind them of their booking time, request payment of an invoice, or follow up a quote.

Automated communication to locksmith customers

Estimate job profit

With job costing, estimate how profitable a job will be while you're quoting, then see how much you made after the job is complete.

Locksmith Software - Job Costing

Inbox / work order scanning

Get lots of work via email? In ServiceM8 you can convert email enquiries into new jobs with a single click. All email info and attachments are transferred and saved against the job card.

Locksmith Inbox Message

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