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London, United Kingdom

Pristine SCS

"ServiceM8 helps us succeed because of the fact it allows us complete transparency into everything."

Ross Bingle

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Pristine SCS is a commercial cleaning company specialising in window, facade, rope access, office, carpet & gutter cleaning services for commercial buildings across London.

Looking for a solution to help them focus on client needs, stay flexible and optimise the efficiency of teams on the road, Pristine SCS discovered ServiceM8. Now with ServiceM8, they have greater visibility over their operations, better communication with field staff, and efficient processes which enable all of Pristine SCS’s teams to consistently deliver a high quality of service, job completion and reporting for their clients.

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Ross Bingle

Ross Bingle

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Prescription Pest

"ServiceM8 has given us freedom. I don't have to sit at my home and go through the paper files to find the jobs that are due — I can work from anywhere."

Marybeth & Daniel
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Lloyd Plumbing

"ServiceM8 now is an integral part of our business. I don’t think we could ever go back to doing things the way we were, that’s for sure. I couldn’t see us doing it any other way now."

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"ServiceM8 has been a stabilizing factor in our business, and it really has helped us grow."

Jeff Wilson
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