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Ditch paperwork, improve productivity & provide great service. ServiceM8 will transform how you manage jobs, scheduling, customers & invoicing.

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"The short version is that ServiceM8 has been a game-changer for us. Not only have we now clocked 2,000 jobs in a little over a year, we have doubled the size of our business in that time. Twice the number of staff, twice the number of clients, but best of all - less than half the headaches we used to have with our pre-ServiceM8 systems."

Satya Bourgeot

Pristine Professional Cleaning

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Life of a cleaning job in ServiceM8

Client calls

A client calls wanting a regular cleaning service

Client calls up requesting a fortnightly cleaning service.
Job created

The client's details are saved & the job auto-scheduled every fortnight

Instead of using paper, diaries, calendars or spreadsheets, capture all details directly in ServiceM8.

Automatic recurring cleaning schedule in ServiceM8
See appointment

Your cleaners can see their schedule

Cleaners can view their schedules anywhere, and receive notifications of new jobs & schedule changes.

Cleaner schedule in ServiceM8 iPhone app
Complete job

Your cleaners have all the info & complete the job

  • Access all job details on site.
  • Complete checklists of job requirements.
  • Record job notes, photos & videos.
  • Produce PDF forms & reports.
Checklist for cleaning job in ServiceM8 app

Produce the PDF invoice, in the office or on-the-go

  • Pre-set services & materials for standard jobs.
  • Easily add additional billable items.
  • Produce a professional, branded invoice.
  • Send by email and/or text through ServiceM8.
Cleaning Invoice in ServiceM8 app

Take payment, on site or online

  • Take credit card payments on site; or
  • Let the customer view & pay the invoice online.
Card payment for cleaning job in ServiceM8 app

The invoice is synced to your accounting package

  • Sync invoices to your accounting package in two clicks.
  • Payments are automatically synced so the invoice is ready to be reconciled.
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Popular Features

Recurring jobs

Simplify recurring cleaning jobs & contracts by creating a job once and scheduling it to automatically recur at set intervals.

Automatic scheduling of cleaning job in ServiceM8

Auto-scheduling & route optimization

Set ServiceM8 to routinely schedule all your recurring jobs, automatically. ServiceM8 will schedule the job times & staff to optimise efficiency and minimise travel time.

Pins on map representing automatic routing of jobs

Online bookings

Let customers get an instant quote, select a time, then book a job straight into your ServiceM8 account.

Online booking page for cleaning business services with ServiceM8

Automated client communication

Automatically email or SMS clients to remind them of their booking time, request payment of an invoice, or follow up a quote.

Automated communication to customers

Easy card payments

Making it fast and easy for your clients to pay you, take credit card payments directly through the app, or send them a link to pay online.

Card payment for cleaning job in ServiceM8 app

Email conversion

Get lots of work via email? Convert emails into new jobs with a single click. All info & attachments are imported and saved to the job card.

Cleaning client email enquiry in ServiceM8 inbox

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