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Everything you need to run your trade or service contracting business as a sole trader — and it's Free!

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ServiceM8 on MacBook and iPhone

Free Plan Includes

1 User

The free plan is made for sole trader businesses.

30 x Jobs/Mo

Create up to 30 new Quotes & Work Orders each month, or earn unlimited jobs.

10 x AI Assists/Day

Use ServiceM8's powerful AI helpers up to 10 times per day.

5p per SMS

Text clients straight from a job card for 5p per SMS.

Essential Features

Get everything you need to run your trade or service business.

Essential Features Included in Our Free Plan

The Free Plan comes with everything you need as a solo operator to streamline your trade or service business.

Job Cards

View client details & job requirements, anywhere.


Schedule jobs on the go. Changes automatically notify staff.

Quoting & Invoicing

Create professional quotes & invoices, on site.

Full Client History

See a full history of work done for every client, including notes, photos, emails & messages.

Online Bookings

Allow clients to get an instant price, select a time, then book a service with your business.

Card Payments

Take payment on site in the app, or send clients a link to pay online.

CRM Automation

Send booking confirmations, follow up quotes & chase payments, automatically.

Accounting Integrations

Sync clients, items, invoices, and payments with your accounting package.


Know your numbers with simple job, productivity & revenue reports.

AI Writing Helper

Auto-draft professional email & texts to clients in seconds.

AI Quote & Invoice

Auto-draft a description & the job's billing items in seconds.

AI Smart Assistant

Get your own voice assistant to action tasks & get answers.

Free Plan Features

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AI Smart Helpers

Take your productivity & professionalism to the next level with your own Smart Helper, who can draft emails & texts to clients, revise messages, generate full quotes & invoices, summarise jobs & action tasks — in seconds.

ServiceM8 Launch Video Thumbnail

Recurring Job Management

Simplify repeat work, contracts or maintenance.

Create a job once and set it to re-create and schedule itself over time, automatically. If the booking isn’t confirmed, you can set reminders instead.

Earn Unlimited Bonus Jobs

Need more than 30 jobs per month? On the Free plan, every time you take a card payment via ServiceM8 & Stripe (in the app, or online), you earn a Bonus Job credit!

For example, if you accept card payment for 15 invoices, you’ll get 15 extra Bonus Jobs on top of the 30 job credits already included in the Free plan i.e. 45 jobs that month’s billing cycle, instead of 30.  There is no limit to how many bonus jobs you can earn each month.

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ServiceM8 on iPad and iPhone

Pricing & Plans

What happens if we go over the number of jobs included in our plan?

It's OK! You’ll still be able to create new jobs and work as normal for another 7 days. If your monthly plan resets in that time, your job credits will reset, otherwise you’ll be prompted to upgrade your plan.

Which features come with each plan?

Every ServiceM8 plan includes all the essentials, including job cards, scheduling, quotes, invoices, email & SMS, mobile payments, and accounting integrations. However, there are some really powerful features which are only available on certain plans, such as electronic Forms. Check out the plan comparison table. We’ve built and priced our plans to be incredible value for the benefits ServiceM8 brings. If there’s an add-on in a higher plan that you’d like (but you don't need more job credits), upgrading to benefit from that feature alone will still deliver great value for money for your business.

Can I really use ServiceM8 for free?

Yes! The Free Plan is completely free for solo operators. This plan provides the necessary tools to efficiently manage up to 30 jobs a month. You can create jobs, send quotes and invoices, as well as manage your clients and schedule with ease. Additionally, you can earn unlimited bonus jobs by simply accepting card payments. Learn more about the ServiceM8 Free plan.

What access do I get in trial mode?

You’ll get full access to all features during your free trial, so you can properly try ServiceM8 in your business to learn if we’re the right fit.

If we go ahead, are we locked into a plan?

There are no lock-ins with ServiceM8’s pricing. You can upgrade and downgrade between plans at any time. Any credit from your previous plan will be put toward your new plan on a pro-rata basis.

Is ServiceM8’s price per user?

No — we don't charge per user! The only plan which limits the number of users you can have is the Free plan, to help sole traders get started. Once you have a team and upgrade to a paid plan, you can set up as many user logins as required.

Why does each plan include SMS messages?

You can SMS (text) clients straight from their job card in ServiceM8, in the app & online. This makes it easy for everyone in your team to provide great customer service, while storing all communication with the client with the rest of their job history, in one place.

Each plan includes a number of 'jobs'. What does this mean?

These are “job credits” — every time you create a new job card, it uses a job credit. For example, with the Growing plan, you can create 150 new jobs each month. Jobs can start out as a Quote, or a Work Order. If a Quote is accepted and you change its status to a Work Order, it won't consume another job credit.

Do I need to enter credit card details to trial?

No. You can create an account and trial ServiceM8 for 14 days, free. You only need to provide payment details if you want to go ahead and subscribe to a plan.

What happens if we go over the SMS’s included in our plan?

There is a standard SMS 'overage' fee per SMS sent over your plan's monthly SMS cap. View the Plan Comparison table for more info.

Which plan should I choose if I want to fill reports & certificates on site e.g. JSA, SWMS & certificates of compliance?

To fill in electronic forms, reports & certificates on site with the ServiceM8 app, you’ll want the Growing plan (or higher), which comes with the Forms Add-on. ‍Forms are very customisable to your requirements. You can engage a ServiceM8 Partner to build forms to suit your business/industry, or buy them ready-to-use from the Form Store.

Getting Started

Can I get a demo?

For a great overview of ServiceM8, check out our Introduction, Demo & FAQ videos.

I want to get started on my own, what’s the first step?

Check out our Getting Started Guide for tips on basic setup & how to trial ServiceM8. This then transitions to our Learning Roadmap videos you & your team can watch to learn all the basics.

Do I need a credit card to sign up?

No. You'll have 14 days to try ServiceM8 free.

If we're the right fit for your business, payment is accepted by credit or debit card (online), or via In-App Purchase with your Apple ID.

What are the setup options?

We have self-serve resources you can follow to DIY. Or, you can pay a ServiceM8 Partner to set up your account, customise templates, create forms & more.

Find a local ServiceM8 Partner.

What are the options for getting started?

There are two main options to get started: 1) you can DIY with our self-serve learning resources, or 2) you can pay one of our independent ServiceM8 Partners to set up your account, create forms, train your team & more.

Some/all of our team have Android devices, can we use ServiceM8?

Not on Android devices, no. ServiceM8 is powerful because our mobile app is 100% made for iOS, so your field staff will need iPhones or cellular iPads. To really optimise your field-based business, your team needs exceptional mobile technology!‍

See why ServiceM8 is a more powerful solution because we’re Apple only.

Also be sure to check out our Upgrade to iPhone offer!

What support is available if I have questions?

We have 24/7 chat & email support — you can start a chat right here on the website, or send us an email at

Promotions & Offers

Can you help our business invest in iPhones?

Yes. We've created the ServiceM8 Small Business Fund to help tradies & service businesses invest in quality iPhones & ServiceM8. But only while funds last!

Check out our Upgrade to iPhone offer.

Do you give a discount for new businesses just starting out?

Yes! We back small business, so if yours is less than 2 years old, check out our New Business Offer.

Can you help me get started with a ServiceM8 expert?

Yes! If you're thinking of engaging one of our independent ServiceM8 Partners for setup & training, we've got an awesome offer to help you save money while getting expert help. Check out the Setup & Training Rebate.

Can I earn free Plan Upgrades & Add-Ons?

Yes, by progressing through the Learning Roadmap, you can unlock higher Job & SMS limits, plan upgrades, and access to higher tier Add-Ons. Learn ServiceM8 core concepts all the way to advanced features and business process enhancements, while earning great rewards for your business.