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Paperless electronic forms in the field

ServiceM8's Forms have near limitless possibilities. Complete site audits, procedures, and checklists in the field, then immediately turn them into professional PDF reports.

Digital forms on iPad and iPhone app

Produce professional PDFs

Create customized forms and reports to suit your business needs, such as inspection reports, certificates of compliance and safety assessments.

The auto-generated PDF reports completely streamline compliance reporting and the provision of formal documentation to clients.

Simple to complete

Simply working through a list of questions, staff can generate comprehensive and professional PDF reports while on site.

Forms are a great way to instil quality, consistency and safety in the way all field staff go about each job.

Easy to build

Create customized forms in ServiceM8's online editor. Start with a Microsoft Word template for your report, and set simple questions and answers for field staff to step through on site. When they're done, their answers populate the template to instantly produce a professional PDF report.

Flexible question types

Flexible question types cater for different types of jobs and scenarios. Form questions can require staff to pick from a list, take a photo, collect a signature, enter a date, type in a response and more.




Multiple Choice



Conditional question skipping

Set up forms for faster completion by being able to skip questions that are not needed.

Form checklist items

Make forms a checklist item for specific or general types of jobs, so staff don't forget to complete them. You can even make them mandatory at the start or end of the job.

Completion of Form as a checklist item

Endless possibilities

ServiceM8's forms system is incredibly flexible, making near endless possibilities for the areas in your business that you can systemise and build process around. Build checklists, safety audits, site reports, inspections reports, industry-specific compliance certificates and more.

Stored forever

All forms, certificates, reports and documents are saved to the job diary for future reference. No more lost paperwork.

Form saved to job Diary record

Form Store

The Form Store is an online marketplace of ServiceM8 Forms, where you can browse and buy Forms for your business.