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Melbourne, Australia

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"We don’t even have an admin staff member anymore. The app saved us about $70k a year just in wages!"

Top 3 Features

  • Paperless ServiceM8 allows me to do all work online. That means no job books or excess files.  
  • Booking Jobs The App allows me to book jobs on site with sub-contractors, and even send them work orders to request work immediately.
  • Instant Quotes With ServiceM8 I can produce, show and send a quote to a client on site, on the road or from my computer in the office.

Tell us about your business.

Trust Security provides high-quality security maintenance and installations

A little over 3 years ago we were using work order books and piles of paperwork. We were missing jobs, losing books; and as a result, losing business and income.

So I found ServiceM8 online and tried it when it was first released. I found it to be slow and clunky, and thus didn’t use the App for very long.

But in October 2012 we signed up for ServiceM8 again, and have never looked back.

The improvements to the App have been incredible and very beneficial to the success of our business.


Has ServiceM8 brought about time efficiencies?

A lot of the work we do requires us to use sub-contractors. With ServiceM8, I am able to send any sub-contractor on file a work order to request work straight away! No extra paperwork; no hassle.


How has ServiceM8 enhanced your business?

The biggest change is that we can now invoice on a daily basis. The App has completely changed our cash flow!

For instance, it used to take up to 14 days to get invoices sent to the client. With ServiceM8 we can invoice on site, immediately after the job is completed.

Get on to ServiceM8 as soon as you can! It will make your life easier and your business simpler.