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Perth, Australia

Imprest Business Services

"Everyone should trial the app. You will not find anything that gives you value for money like ServiceM8!"

Kelly Brennan

Top 3 Features

Client Diary

All of our client procedures and anything particular to a specific client are saved, and all staff can access the information.


We can now track how long we spend on each project and job.

Staff Schedule

ServiceM8 allows me to view everyone’s schedule in one place. This allows me to schedule and allocate jobs more efficiently.

Tell us about your business.

Located in Wangarra, Joondalup and Kalamunda, Imprest Business Services are your complete bookkeeping and administration service. With over 20 years experience, Imprest Business Services can tailor a range of services to suit your needs.

One of my business partners suggested that we should trial ServiceM8 because it integrated well with MYOB, and it could make our business more efficient. We downloaded the app a few years ago and  continue to use ServiceM8 for all our business needs.

Has ServiceM8 brought about time efficiencies?

When we are at other offices, we don’t always have the time to go back to the office to get our own invoicing done. With ServiceM8, we don't have to! It streamlines the invoice process to make sure we are on top of our accounts. And, any staff member can send them.

How has ServiceM8 enhanced your business?

Prior to using the app we tried to organise everything individually, and then reconcile all information later. Jobs were getting lost, and particular client information was a hassle to keep track of.

With the help of ServiceM8, we are able to communicate to any staff member at anytime. We all have access to the information, which really streamlines our communication processes.

We can also keep track of work orders- what’s outstanding? what needs to be followed up? ServiceM8 streamlines all of our admin processes, which allows us to do business better and as a result get more jobs.

Kelly Brennan

Kelly Brennan

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