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HVAC, Hot Water & Electrical
Canberra, Australia

Climate Plus

"We have nothing but praise for ServiceM8, it’s so simple to use. We’ve got technicians ranging from young to old, and no-one’s had a problem using it."

Liam & Matt

Top 3 Features

Climate Plus in Canberra specialises in service, repairs & maintenance of air conditioning, hot water, solar & electrical.

Owners Liam & Matt started Climate Plus with a goal of creating a service-oriented company, with a big focus on engaging with their customers and giving them the best possible service experience. Check out Climate Plus at

To get started, Climate Plus found their ServiceM8 Partner, WorkM8 Consulting, on the ServiceM8 Partner Directory. Franco from WorkM8 Consulting provided an initial consultation to assess whether ServiceM8 was the right fit for Climate Plus, took care of their setup & training, and continues to help Liam & Matt build and get the most out of ServiceM8 for their business, team & customers.

Learn more about ServiceM8 for air-conditioning, hot water & electrical businesses.

Liam & Matt

Liam & Matt

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