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Attention to Detail

"There isn't an area of admin which ServiceM8 has not helped in, from bookings, scheduling and correspondence to accounts and record keeping."

Brenda Bagshaw

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We asked Brenda Bagshaw, owner of Attention to Detail, about their story and using ServiceM8 in their business.

About Attention to Detail

Attention to Detail is a family-run cleaning & deck coating business based in Darwin, Australia. Servicing residential, commercial, real estate & body corporate clients, Attention to Detail offers a range of services including regular home, commercial & office cleaning, end of lease & spring cleans, high-pressure cleaning and timber deck treatments.

Attention to Detail team

What's Attention to Detail's story?

In 2003 I was looking for an income where I could work school hours. I've always been a diligent cleaner, and friends often commented on the quality of my cleaning work, with many joking they'd love me to clean their own homes.

Brenda from Attention to Detail
Brenda Bagshaw, owner of Attention to Detail

After attending a demonstration of fibre-based, environmentally friendly ENJO cleaning products, I became an ENJO consultant. Often during ENJO demonstrations people were so impressed with my cleaning they asked if I was available to clean their homes, which was the start of Attention to Detail cleaning services & deck services.

We do what we do because we all love our jobs, the hours work for us, and we gain personal satisfaction leaving homes like they're our own (along with the bonus of a paid workout!).

What sets your business apart?

We have long-term staff who enjoy their job, personalised services tailored to clients' requirements, we're locally owned & operated, and we cultivate a culture of high-quality, honest & reliable service.

Cleaners in home

Before ServiceM8, how did you run your business, and what was it like?

We managed jobs and staff using Outlook Calendar. It was crazy and there is no way we would have been able to manage the workloads that we can now with ServiceM8.

There were no client records such as attachments, emails, or job photos. No integration with our accounting program. It was hard to change schedules, and we were unable to communicate with our contractors effectively.

What are some of the main features which help you run your business?

Too many to mention! Scheduling, record keeping, accounting integration, training – and there are so many awesome Add-ons.

ServiceM8 scheduling on iPhone

How has ServiceM8 helped your business?

ServiceM8 has enabled us to grow to whatever size we desire, it can be operated remotely, it has cut down on administration, and even offers Franchise solutions.

Since using ServiceM8, are you more productive?

On a scale of 1 to 10, it would be 20.

Has ServiceM8 reduced your administration & paperwork?

There isn't an area of admin which ServiceM8 has not helped in, from bookings, scheduling and correspondence to accounts and record keeping. It's improved all efficiencies.

ServiceM8 client signature on iPhone

Is there less administration in your invoicing workflow?

Definitely! 200% less.

Have you seen improvements in cash flow?

1000%, as accounts are sent out quickly and regularly due to integration with our bookkeeping program, QuickBooks Online.

ServiceM8 schedule on computer

How does ServiceM8 & QuickBooks Online being connected help with your invoicing workflow and administration?

Integrating our ServiceM8 and QuickBooks Online accounts saves on data entry and it's not offered by some other online scheduling and job management software services.

Since using ServiceM8, has the way you feel about your business changed?

I have definitely been able to handle a lot more work and feel satisfaction at what we have achieved by using ServiceM8. I feel more able to cope a lot better and the ability for staff to use ServiceM8 remotely is indispensable.

Attention to Detail van
To learn more about Attention to Detail, check out their website at

Learn more about how ServiceM8 can help cleaning businesses with their scheduling, staff and job management.

Brenda Bagshaw

Brenda Bagshaw

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