Melton, Australia

Green Envy Gardening

"It’s easy and straight forward. It works how it needs to work. I honestly get value for money with ServiceM8!"

Top 3 Features

  • Scheduling With ServiceM8 I don’t have to worry whether or not I’ve booked my next recurring job. The job books itself automatically for the next time!
  • On the Go I am able to look on my schedule immediately- anytime, anywhere- to confirm or edit jobs.
  • Easy to Use The app is so versatile and flexible that it truly can be used for any industry.

Tell us about your business.

Green Envy Gardening specialises in residential lawn and garden maintenance services.

A few years ago, my staff and I were toting around printout sheets of our daily jobs. These jobs as well as the new jobs rolling in were creating an endless paper trail that we just couldn’t keep up with.

So, I searched the internet for an app that integrated with MYOB, and could be operated online.

Ultimately, I downloaded ServiceM8 and it is safe to say that I have never looked back!


Has ServiceM8 brought about time efficiencies?

ServiceM8 connects directly to my call centre. So when a new lead comes in, it comes straight to me on my iPad or iPhone.


How has ServiceM8 enhanced your business?

The app makes my business more organised and more time efficient. Checking into jobs and tracking the time the job takes is especially important because it allows me to make sure I am on target for job completion.

Also, ServiceM8 makes scheduling recurring jobs easy. Whether I am early, or late, or completed the job on a different day, as soon as I mark the job as complete, ServiceM8 reschedules another job 4 weeks from that date! The next job only gets scheduled once current job is completed. So it is always on time, as often as you need it to be regardless of changes made.

My advice to you Don’t go cheap and struggle with incompetent programs. You truly get what you pay for, and ServiceM8 has been worth every cent!