Electrical & Fire Safety
Palmerston, Australia

Electrical & Fire Services NT

"It took 4 hours to teach a new technician our ServiceM8 system. The next day he was on-site & using the app as if he had worked for us for years."

Top 3 Features

  • Forms All of our technicians adhere to industry safety regulations by completing specialised forms in the App prior to commencing a job on site.

  • Job History ServiceM8 allows us to track progress of all jobs. We get a reminder when a job is due, and can allocate a technician instantly.

  • Paperless I don’t spend time tracking down job-reports, and as a result my business is more organised and runs efficiently. 

Electrical & Fire Services install and maintain fire and electrical equipment for both commercial and personal purposes. We have been in business for 5 years, and employ around 12 staff.

We have a number of government contracts which require us to do routine servicing of their fire safety equipment, which requires regular compliance with Australian standards.

The stringent reporting protocols require us to report all defect notices within 24hrs. This deadline used to be a headache with a never ending pile of illegible papers, and countless minutes lost to scanning and sending to appropriate authorities.

With ServiceM8, our technicians can answer simple multiple choice questions about each job which automatically populate the forms document. No confusion. No stress. No pens or paper needed. We can literally email defect notices directly to the client before the technician has even left the site.

How has ServiceM8 helped with administration duties?

The App saves our business time and money. We no longer need to purchase $120 log books, try to read a technician’s handwriting, or even make copies of reports. We can do it all with ServiceM8. All reports are saved automatically to a secure online database, which allows our employees to access them and send important report information to clients instantly.

How has ServiceM8 enhanced your business?

The App is cost saving in terms of field and admin time. We don’t have to scan books or type out everything, and I’ll never use files with 20 pieces of loose paper again! My management job is easy with ServiceM8.