ServiceGuru Staff Portal

ServiceGuru Staff Portal allows you to effectively manage staff leave, holidays and sick days, as well as keep all important staff details in one convenient location, making team management easier.

$12.99 / month


Manage staff leave and capture important staff details with our Staff Portal. Store information from certificates, drivers licences and payslips to medical and next-of-kin contact details. Keep notes on each staff member and track equipment that has been assigned to them, plus much more.

The Staff Portal helps you manage staff leave effectively. Once the manager has assigned the number of days’ of leave, a staff member can log into their account to request leave. Their manager is then emailed the request and can approve/decline it with a simple click. Staff can see how many days’ leave they have remaining, request additional leave and see upcoming time off.
- Track the number of days’ of leave each staff member has taken
- Staff can book leave directly through the portal
- Approve staff leave requests in one click right from your email
- Store important staff information and certificates
- Store important notes
- Store details of equipment supplied to staff
- Upload company handbook and other documents that staff can then access from their login