Job Costing

Display cost and profit data so you can see how much you're making on each job.


With the Job Costing add-on, you can quickly get a picture of how profitable a job will be while you’re quoting, and then see how much you made after the job has been completed. 

With Job Costing activated, each job’s estimated profit is clearly displayed in the job card of the Online Dashboard. Hovering over the profit gives you a breakdown of materials and labour, and clicking on the profit icon provides a more in-depth breakdown of costs and gross profit. The Job Costing add-on even tracks administration time automatically, which is often a hidden cost to your business. 

This all helps to

• Prevent under-quoting for jobs
• Check that you've remembered to charge for all labour recorded against a job
• Understand which types of jobs are good for your business, and which ones are not