Asset Management

Manage locations, details, and service history for customer assets.


ServiceM8’s Asset Management add-on provides a way to easily catalogue the details and location of appliances, equipment, installations, devices or machinery, whether it’s a client’s, or your own, then record and track each asset’s service history.

With Asset Management, you can apply a special QR Code label to each individual asset you want to track and manage. This QR Code is then scanned and paired with a new asset item in ServiceM8, along with a photo, various asset details, and its location on site.

When it’s time to inspect, repair or replace client assets, field staff can

• Locate them on a map through the ServiceM8 app;
• Scan the QR Code to pull up the asset’s details;
• Complete electronic inspection or service forms against the asset, using the Forms Add-on; and
• View past service history of previous Forms completed against the asset.

The Asset Management add-on can transform the way you catalogue and manage client assets, locate, inspect or service assets on site, track service history and manage inspection or service reporting.