Capture and share job knowledge to help staff solve problems and complete jobs.


The Knowledge Add-on can help maintain and improve your team’s efficiency, quality of work, customer service, and instil the essence of what sets your business apart.

This happens through systemisation and empowering your staff with knowledge which is organised, accessible wherever they are, and available just when they need it.

You can capture and share

• Procedures for specific types of jobs
• ‘How To’ instructions for specific tasks or problems
• Expertise & Know-how which set your business apart
• Tips, Tricks & Traps of the trade which could save a junior staff member hours on a job
• Policies & Guidelines for dealing with certain scenarios
• Best-Practice Examples to demonstrate the standard of quality & service expected
• Client-specific info such as Service Level Agreements or non-standard processes

By investing the time to properly document and record something once, it’s then available for everyone’s benefit. This is great for

• Staff independence & capability
• Knowledge sharing between senior and junior team members
• Minimising interrupting phone calls to senior staff
• Avoiding the need to answer the same question or teach something, over and over
• Improving job completion & reducing return visits or call-backs
• Promoting a consistent standard of quality & customer service
• Proactively learning from past mistakes
• Making information accessible to staff “just in time”, wherever they are