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Why the ServiceM8 App is iOS only

Use Android? 3 Reasons to Upgrade to iPhone

1. No Compromises. We'll Keep Your Business Ahead

ServiceM8 doesn’t have an Android app, because we don’t compromise.  

When other developers split their priorities across Apple and Android, they’re making tradeoffs in the speed, power & ongoing development of their software, so they can get to a wider market — we don’t.  

We choose customer success over compromise. ServiceM8 prioritises making the best job management solution for you, 100% optimising for the Apple platform, getting everything out of it for our customers, consistently updating it with innovations and new iOS functionality.

2. Our App is Exceptional  

Our app is lightning fast, simple, and easy to learn, while packing heaps of functionality. This is because we focus & optimise our app for Apple devices.

You work on the road, so we invest heavily in making the ServiceM8 app super efficient. This means you can actually complete all your admin on the go, before heading to your next job (not late at night!).

Compare the ServiceM8 app and see the difference.

3. iPhone is the Best for Business

iPhone is hands-down the best mobile platform for running your business.

They're incredibly well made, and work awesome together when everyone in your business has one.

Apple has unrivalled privacy and security, making them way more secure from malware trying to steal your business & client data.

And, every iPhone gets the same automatic software & security updates for years.

Invest in iPhones for your business. They have great longevity, and are great value for money.

We'll even help with the cost of investing in iPhones for your business — see our Upgrade to iPhone offer.

Use Android?

If you or your team use Android mobile devices, check out our offer.

Download the ServiceM8 app and drop straight into a demo account!

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