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Extend ServiceM8 with Add-ons

ServiceM8's not just an app, it's a platform. Add-ons are additional modules which extend the functionality of the app in specific areas, or assist certain industries.

Start off simple, and over time enhance your account with Add-ons to suit your business as it grows.

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Online Bookings

Add online booking forms to your website and Facebook page, allowing your customers to book quotes or jobs online. All details automatically transfer to ServiceM8.

Customers can get a live quote, select a time, then book a job straight into your ServiceM8 account, without interacting with your business directly.

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Automated Communication

Set ServiceM8 to automatically email or SMS clients to remind them of upcoming bookings, request payment of an invoice, follow up a quote, or follow up a set date after a job is completed.  

Streamline routine communication with clients, provide better service and generate more work, automatically.

Email Inbox

Convert email enquiries into new jobs in ServiceM8, with a single click. All information and attachments are saved straight into the job diary.

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Recurring Jobs & Reminders

Simplify the management of repeat work and contracts. Create a job once and schedule it to recur at set time intervals, or set long-term reminders for which the job details will be confirmed closer to the date.

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Auto-routing for recurring jobs

If recurring work is a major part of your business, route optimisation can make a huge difference to your efficiency. 

In conjunction with the Services Add-on, you can set ServiceM8 to routinely process and schedule all recurring jobs, automatically. ServiceM8 will review and schedule the job times and staff to optimise efficiency and minimise distance travelled.

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Work Order Scanning

Many businesses get a lot of work from property managers, usually in the form of PDF work orders, meaning all the job details need to be manually transferred to the job card.

When PDF work orders are sent to your ServiceM8 Inbox, ServiceM8 will automatically scan and import relevant information in the PDF. 

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Customer Feedback

Add a simple customer feedback form to your email and SMS templates - an easy, fast and automated way to collect feedback about your business and service.

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ServiceM8 Network

A powerful Add-on which allows you to allocate jobs to other small businesses and contractors, even if they don’t use ServiceM8.

Network enables you to send quote requests and work orders to another business in the form of a ‘Network Request’, extending the benefits of ServiceM8 to how you manage subcontracted work.

Track My Arrival

When you activate the Track My Arrival Add-on, your On-the-Way texts to clients includes a link to a map where they can track your journey in real time. 

Tracking tradesperson's travel to site on map
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Margin Billing

Many businesses prefer to set item prices based on their costs then add a percentage margin, rather than setting the sell price directly.

The Margin Billing Add-on shows cost and margin figures when preparing quotes and invoices, allowing you to quickly set material and labour prices based on margin.

Job Costing

With the Job Costing Add-on, you can quickly get a picture of how profitable a job will be while you’re quoting, then see how much you made after the job has been completed.

Supplier Invoice Import

When buying materials for a specific job, use the Job Number as a reference. The supplier invoice will be sent into your account and attached to the correct job. In the Job Diary online, you can add the cost to the job as a billable item.

And many more

ServiceM8 has over 20 Add-ons, each solving different problems that small businesses have.

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