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Real-time communication

A huge part of what ServiceM8 offers is better communication. 

ServiceM8 uses everything great about mobile and cloud-based technologies to make communicating with staff and customers easy, fast and professional.

Staff messaging between Macbook and iPhone

Email & SMS 

The ability to send email and text messages directly from ServiceM8 makes communicating with clients even easier, whether you're in the office or out in the field.

Emailing invoice from ServiceM8 app

Customer replies

Access all client communication on jobs. If a customer replies to an email, their response will automatically sync to ServiceM8 and be recorded in the Job Diary for future reference.

Customer email replies through ServiceM8

Email & Text templates

In the office or on the app, customizable email and SMS templates save time and provide a consistent, professional message to clients. They also auto-fill client and job information, adding a personal touch.

On-the-way messages

Automatically SMS clients to notify them you're on the way to the job, with an estimated time of arrival. You can even use the Track My Arrival add-on to let customers track your journey in real time. Customers love it.

See Track My Arrival
Notify text en-route to address

Activity Feed

Communicate with all staff using a live activity feed - update everyone on housekeeping matters, ask advice or share tips and tricks.

Activity feed for the business

Real-time visibility across your business

With ServiceM8, you're in touch with your business wherever you are. See real-time updates of job progress on site, staff locations, and client communication.

Map views of operations iPad and iPhone