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Lightning Glassworks & Screens

"This is the best app we've ever had. I really, really enjoy it. That's why we've had it so long, because it just works for us."

Marshall Bradshaw

Top 3 Features

Lightning Glassworks & Screens is a window & door repair company specializing in glass & screen repairs, replacements & installations for residential and commercial clients in Denver and Colorado Springs.

Established by Marshall Bradshaw over 30 years ago, Lightning Glassworks & Screens continues to be family owned and operated, and pride themselves on their efficiency, honesty, and quality craftsmanship.

As they continued to grow, the Lightning Glassworks family realized their paper-based systems for keeping track of measurements, jobs, clients, parts and invoices weren’t cutting it, and they needed a better solution to build on their reputation for speed, efficiency and service. 

After discovering ServiceM8 on the App Store in 2017, Lightning Glassworks & Screens now manage their jobs, staff & client communications in the cloud — technicians can get scheduling updates instantly, see job details, record measurements, keep clients informed, take contactless payment and issue invoices on site, with ServiceM8.

Marshall Bradshaw

Marshall Bradshaw

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