Business to business communication,
changed forever.

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ServiceM8 Network connects small businesses and contractors together. Send jobs from ServiceM8 to other small businesses and contractors.

Even if they don’t use ServiceM8.

As easy as sending an email.

Sending work to other businesses in ServiceM8 Network doesn’t require any previous connection, simply enter their email address and hit send.

Realtime feedback.

ServiceM8 Network gives you realtime feedback about the work outside your business. As soon as the contractor or business completes a task on the job it will be visible in your account.

The job done right. Every time.

With ServiceM8 Network you can set clear job requirements. Ask them to take a photo before and after the job, require them to fill in your compliance forms, even request insurance documentation from them directly through Network.

No ServiceM8 Account needed.

Businesses not using ServiceM8 will get a web-based version of a ServiceM8 job card, with all client details, job description, job requirements and even a way to communicate with the sender.