Zodiac Pure Solutions Pool Water Testing

Zodiac Pure Solutions empowers store staff and technicians with the confidence to recommend the best pool chemicals for their customers.


<p>The Zodiac Pure Solutions retail app has already empowered pool store staff to recommend the best chemical products for their customers. From traditional freshwater pools to genuine mineral Magnapools, store staff have the confidence to give dosages to correctly balance the pool water.</p>

<p>All these features and more are now available on both Apple and Android devices, allowing you to take in-store chemical expertise out into the field. Being a cloud based system, customer details, pool information and test history can be shared and accessed instantly making it easier than ever to test pool water on the go!</p>

<p>The Zodiac Pure Solutions mobile app is the perfect companion for pool builders and pool service technicians.</p>

<p>The app is free to Zodiac Pool &amp; Spa Certified Dealers. Contact your Zodiac Account Manager for more information.</p>

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