Pipe Dream Integration

Complement ServiceM8 with Pipe Dream to know your business numbers.


Pipe Dream is a standalone app that complements ServiceM8 with a focus on reporting on your business' profitability.

- Do you know your monthly profit? How about daily?
- Do you know your average profit per hour?
- Do you know what numbers each individual staff member needs to hit to pay for their tools, training and wages?
- Do your staff realise how much they impact on the success or failure of your business? Do they care? Do you?
- Do you know which jobs, clients or job types are costing you money, and which ones are making you money?

These aren't easy questions to answer, especially in real time and in a consistent, reportable way. And they're exactly what Pipe Dream was made for.

Pipe Dream's reports make clear where you're succeeding, and where there's work to do, in both your team and the jobs you take. All this while giving your tradies visibility and ownership of their contribution to your business' success.

Pipe Dream is a paid service, although a free trial is available.