Job Time Entry

Improve your revenue and profitability by retroactively adding missing time entries into active job cards.

$8.99 / month


How often do you or your staff forget to record time against a job?

Forgetting to record job time can result with missed revenue or cause inaccurate job profitability calculations. Normally, a Business Owner or a customised security role will retroactively add time to a job card using the ServiceM8 Dispatch Board.

Introducing the Job Time Entry add-on

– Record time into a job card without the check-in (Quote or Work Order).
– Works with the ServiceM8 iOS mobile app or Dispatch Board.
– No changes are required to staff security roles.
– Staff name, start & end time entries will also be saved to the job diary.
– Staff may include optional comments to be saved to the job diary.

Job Time Entry can assist if the normal job check-in was accidentally skipped or forgotten, or if you or your staff need to retroactively record time to a Quote or Work Order job using your mobile phone.

This add-on is not intended to replace the ServiceM8 job check-in and check-out procedure, or modify/remove any time already recorded against a job.

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