FlatRateNOW Integration - Quickly and accurately quote Plumbing and Electrical Jobs using an online price book of over 1500 tasks with 10,000 products to choose from, and show prices and savings.


FlatRateNOW is easy-to-use online quoting software designed for Trades Services businesses.

Together ServiceM8 and FlatRateNOW form an end to end solution for field-based electrical and plumbing businesses. Use FlatRateNOW’s online Pricebook and integrated sales tools to improve your chances of winning the job.

Sync Jobs, Quotes, Task Descriptions and Invoice Line Items between ServiceM8 and FlatRateNOW to automate your sales and invoicing workflows, prevent double entry and reduce administration costs.
- Jobs created in ServiceM8 are sync’ed to FlatRateNOW for selling
- FlatRateNOW generates Quotes and Work Orders for your ServiceM8 Jobs
- Quotes and Job descriptions created in FlatRateNOW sync to ServiceM8 Jobs for invoicing and downstream processing
- Approved Financing for the Quote in FlatRateNOW is sync’ed to ServiceM8 as a payment

Flat Rate NOW