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Use Android? We'll Pay for FIVE iPhones for Your Business

We believe that for trade contractors & service businesses, where you're constantly on the move and working apart, investing in mobile technology makes so much sense.

Quality smartphones, job management software & connectivity are crucial for success in running a field service business.

We believe this so much, we backed these words with action, and created the ServiceM8 Small Business Fund. We've dedicating $2 million to actually co-invest in Apple technology with our customers, helping small businesses buy quality mobile devices and start using ServiceM8.

After reaching its original limit, given the popularity of this initiative and the difference it makes, the Small Business Fund was increased to $2 million.

How it Works

Offer ends once funds are exhausted

*Please read the offer’s Terms & Conditions below before taking action

3 Reasons to Upgrade to iPhone & ServiceM8

1. No Compromises. We'll Keep Your Business Ahead

ServiceM8 doesn’t have an Android app, because we don’t compromise.  

When other developers split their priorities across Apple and Android, they’re making tradeoffs in the speed, power & ongoing development of their software, so they can get to a wider market — we don’t.  

We choose customer success over compromise. ServiceM8 prioritises making the best job management solution for you, 100% optimising for the Apple platform, getting everything out of it for our customers, consistently updating it with innovations and new iOS functionality.

2. Our App is Exceptional  

Our app is lightning fast, simple, and easy to learn, while packing heaps of functionality. This is because we focus & optimise our app for Apple devices.

You work on the road, so we invest heavily in making the ServiceM8 app super efficient. This means you can actually complete all your admin on the go, before heading to your next job (not late at night!).

Compare the ServiceM8 app and see the difference.

3. iPhone is the Best for Business

iPhone is hands-down the best mobile platform for running your business.

They're incredibly well made, and work awesome together when everyone in your business has one.

Apple has unrivalled privacy and security, making them way more secure from malware trying to steal your business & client data.

And, every iPhone gets the same automatic software & security updates for years.

Invest in iPhones for your business. They have great longevity, and are great value for money.

Need more convincing? Watch our video on why we don't make a ServiceM8 Android app.


What do you mean you'll pay for up to 5 iPhones?

You buy the iPhones, and we'll add credit to your ServiceM8 account, which will be used for your ServiceM8 subscription fees, equivalent to 100% of the base retail price of every eligible iPhone you successfully claim under this offer. No cash is being offered. See the T&Cs below for more info.

How is the credit applied?

Your account credit will be applied to your monthly ServiceM8 subscription payments, at a rate of 50% of your plan's base price, til the credit runs out i.e. you will only pay 50% of your monthly fee til your credit is used up.

Which Apple devices are eligible?

You can claim up to 5 new iPhones under this offer. They must be brand new, an eligible iPhone model, and bought after 1 January 2022. See the T&Cs below.

Can I claim iPads under this offer?

No, only iPhones. Eligible models are listed in the T&Cs. Upgrading your business to Apple works best, and will provide the most benefits, when all field staff members have an iPhone.

Do I need to buy the iPhones outright?

No. It's also OK to purchase your new iPhone/s through a monthly telecommunications plan, bundle or contract. You still need to provide the evidence required in the T&Cs.

Can I claim second-hand iPhones under this offer?

No. Only new iPhones, as listed in the T&Cs, are eligible.

When do I need to submit my claim?

You must submit your claim within 60 days of purchasing the iPhone/s and subscribing to ServiceM8. Please see the T&Cs for all requirements.

Can I claim multiple times?

No, you can only submit a claim once under this offer. So, if you plan to purchase several iPhones to claim under this offer (up to a maximum of 5), you can buy them on separate occasions, but you can only submit a claim once. Please see the T&Cs for all requirements.

What does ServiceM8 cost?

We have a range of monthly plans, based on value and priced for small business. All plans come at a single monthly price, with unlimited users.
View ServiceM8 pricing.

What are the setup options?

We have self-serve resources you can follow to DIY. Or, you can pay a ServiceM8 Partner to set up your account, customise templates, create forms & more.
Find a local ServiceM8 Partner.

Can I pay for setup and training services?

Yes. ServiceM8 Partners can help you from initial consultation through to setup and training. They'll save you time, streamline the process and add a lot of value.
Find a local ServiceM8 Partner.

I have more questions, where can I get help?

You can start a chat with one of our helpful support staff anytime, or send an email to and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.

Terms & Conditions

The value provided under this offer is ServiceM8 account credit only. The account credit is non-refundable, non-transferable, and not exchangeable for cash or anything else.

This offer begins January 2022, and will end once the ServiceM8 Small Business Fund is exhausted, and without notice.

To redeem the offer, you must subscribe to a ServiceM8 plan, purchase the iPhone/s, then submit evidence of the iPhone purchase/s, all within 60 days, and in accordance with these terms. You must submit your claim here within 60 days of purchasing the iPhone/s and subscribing to ServiceM8.

Only new subscribers to ServiceM8 are eligible for this offer. 

To be eligible to receive this offer, you must subscribe to ServiceM8 via your Online Dashboard login accessed via i.e. this offer is not compatible with any other form of subscribing to ServiceM8, including third-party app stores, subscribing through your Xero account, and In App Purchase subscriptions.

The account credit offered is equivalent to 100% of the base retail price of an eligible iPhone model, as listed on Apple’s website in your country, including any tax included and charged at point of sale. Where there is any doubt of the price and/or tax applicable in your region, ServiceM8 reserves the right to determine the price to be used and credit applied, at its sole discretion. 

Up to a maximum of 5 eligible iPhone purchases can be redeemed for ServiceM8 account credit under this offer.

Only new, genuine Apple iPhones are eligible devices under this offer — see the eligible models below. They must be brand new (i.e. used/second-hand devices are not eligible).

Eligible devices under this offer are:

  • iPhone 15*
  • iPhone 15 Plus*
  • iPhone 15 Pro*
  • iPhone 15 Pro Max*
  • iPhone 14*
  • iPhone 14 Plus*
  • iPhone 13*
  • iPhone SE (3rd Generation)*

*The account credit applied will be equivalent to the retail price of the base model e.g. if the base model is $1499, but you buy a more expensive model with more storage or accessories, the credit applied will still be $1499.

The devices do not need to be purchased outright to be eligible e.g. it’s acceptable to purchase the device/s under a monthly device or bundled plan. 

Evidence of the purchase of every device being claimed under this offer must be submitted to ServiceM8 here. This evidence must include a legitimate receipt or paid invoice, itemising every iPhone being claimed under the offer, and including the date of the purchase.

Only one claim can be made under this offer, for up to 5 iPhones i.e. it's acceptable to purchase the iPhones on separate occasions, in accordance with the terms of this offer, but please wait until you have purchased all iPhones you plan to claim under this offer before submitting your claim. Note you still must submit your claim within 60 days of subscribing to ServiceM8 and the earliest iPhone purchase date.

Only accounts with new ServiceM8 subscriptions, starting after 1 January 2022, are eligible for the offer. Only new subscribers to ServiceM8 are eligible for this offer.

Note that this offer involves subscribing to a ServiceM8 plan before submitting your Upgrade to iPhone claim, and your ServiceM8 subscription is charged monthly, up front i.e. you will need to pay the full plan price of your first ServiceM8 monthly subscription fee until your claim is submitted and approved.

No refunds of any kind will be provided. It is your responsibility to evaluate this offer in the context of your circumstances, and ServiceM8 as a solution for your business requirements. ServiceM8 offers a 14-day free trial — please evaluate whether ServiceM8 is the right fit for your business before taking action on this offer.

Account credit will not be provided more than once per unique Serial Number of an iPhone under this offer.

ServiceM8 reserves the right to withdraw the offer and/or remove the account credit from any account where it believes, in its sole discretion, that you have not engaged in the offer in good faith and consistent with the offer’s intent.

This offer does not "stack" with any other ServiceM8 offer e.g. if your claim is approved, any active discounts on your new subscription will be replaced with this offer.

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