ServiceM8 & MYOB

From first call through to quoting, invoicing and payment you’re in control.

The app for small business
ServiceM8 & MYOB

What is ServiceM8

ServiceM8 is a powerful app used by small business around the world to manage and control work from the first call to invoice.

The Problem

In a manual system client details are lost, quotes are forgotten and invoices are not entered. If something can be lost or forgotten, it inevitably is.

A simple, powerful solution

All information stored in one location from the clients first call, cloud enables everyone in the business to have access anywhere and integrating with MYOB means invoices only have to be entered once.

MYOB Integration

Seamless integration of items, clients and invoices with MYOB AccountRight Live, Classic and MYOB Essentials.

ServiceM8 Add-ons

Every business and industry has different requirements. Using add-ons, ServiceM8 can be customised to do exactly what is required, without any unnecessary complication.

Pricing Calculator

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How much does ServiceM8 cost?

Pricing starts at just 50c per job, there are no signup fees or per user fees and the first 20 jobs every month are free!

Pricing Calculator

Jobs per