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Accept contactless payments with only an iPhone

  • Contactless Payment Cards
  • Apple Pay on iPhone
  • Digital Wallets & Wearables

Tap to Pay on iPhone.
Now available in the ServiceM8 app.

With Tap to Pay on iPhone in the ServiceM8 app, you can accept in-person, contactless payments, right on your iPhone — from physical debit and credit cards, to Apple Pay and other digital wallets — no extra terminals or hardware needed. It’s easy, secure, and private.

Tap to Pay on iPhone

Accepting payments is easy

Simply open the ServiceM8 app on your iPhone, finalise an invoice, tap Add Payment, then Tap to Pay on iPhone.

Your customer holds their device over the top of your iPhone, over the contactless symbol. When you see the “done” checkmark, the transaction is complete.

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How to Get Started

  • Download the latest ServiceM8 app
  • Open a job card, and in the Billing view, tap ‘Add Payment’, then 'Enable Tap to Pay on iPhone'
  • Connect (or create) your Stripe account
  • Start taking contactless payments!
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Want to Learn More?

Visit our help centre to discover how to get started with Tap to Pay on iPhone.