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Electrical Services
Sunshine Coast, Australia

Mobbs Electrical

"ServiceM8 has made my life easier and brought ease to my business. I don’t even remember what work was like before the app."

Paul Clues

Top 3 Features


We are able to bill clients instantly and keep track of all invoices that have been sent out.

Log Feature

With the log feature of the App, we can see the check in time and date of each job to track progress. It ensures that no job gets left behind.

History of Jobs

ServiceM8 saves all data and pictures of each job, as well as all customer information.

Tell us about your  business

Mobbs Electrical provides products, design services and maintenance services for all electrical requirements related to residential and commercial places.

Mobbs Electrical currently employs four employees and one apprentice. Previous to ServiceM8 we were using a different program that wasn’t really meeting our needs and basically, just wasn’t giving us ‘bang for buck’.

We found ServiceM8 on the iTunes App Store about a year and half ago and it was exactly what we needed.

Was ServiceM8 easy to implement into your business?

Yes, our 65 year old boss who is known around the office for not exactly being ‘tech savvy’ found the App very easy to learn and to use.

ServiceM8 has made our business more efficient and profitable. The App syncs well with our accounting program so there are no extra papers to sift through for billing. We spend less time on admin work and more time creating new jobs. Also we can regularly bill our clients, resulting in a constant flow of income for our business.

How has ServiceM8 enhanced your business?

Now I can create jobs or track jobs anywhere and anytime on my laptop or phone. It has made my life easier and brought simplicity to my business.

ServiceM8 saves all data and pictures with each job which is extremely helpful with real estate maintenance. We are able to refer back to the complete job history which makes re-ordering of parts a simple task.

Paul Clues

Paul Clues

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