ServiceM8 & Apple

An amazing experience driven through software being built for specific hardware.

ServiceM8 is a beautiful app that works seamlessly across all your Apple hardware. An amazing experience that has been made possible though a relentless pursuit of perfection.

The decision to focus

Focus is one of our secrets to being able to deliver an amazing experience. Our decision to focus on a single hardware platform has enabled us to produce a quality, reliable and fast app that just works.

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Leveraging the iOS platform

By taking advantage of iOS functionalities and updates faster, you can get more out of the devices you love. Share information between your devices easier, add ServiceM8 to your notification centre, work faster with 3D Touch and so much more.

AR Kit

Measure and created diagrams using your iPhone.

Barcode Scan

Adding materials to invoices by scanning the barcode.

Document Scan

ServiceM8 will auto-detect and capture documents.

3D Touch

Peek into jobs for more information.

Siri Kit

Use Siri to complete tasks and provide job information.

Split screen

Use ServiceM8 side-by-side with your favourite apps.

Call Directory Extension

See customer contact details when they call.

Advanced Notifications

See more information in ServiceM8 notifications.

iCloud Drive

Attach files to emails from your favourite cloud storage.

Quick Actions

Clock on or off, navigate to your next job and create new jobs.

Today Extension

See your current and next job in iOS Today.

Share Extension

Share documents and images directly into ServiceM8 jobs from other apps.

We’re an Apple Mobility Partner

As an Apple Mobility Partner, we’re able to build the very best experiences possible on iOS and Apple Watch, and help drive mobile-led business transformation. We’re also able to support the latest hardware faster, allowing you to benefit from being on the cutting edge of technology.

Day Zero iOS Support

When you invest in Apple hardware, you can be certain that we will support it now and into the future. When Apple releases an iOS update to your devices, we'll support it on launch.

Why we chose Apple

We love Apple

We love the quality of Apple products, we love how intuitive and easy Apple products are to use, and we love Apple’s focus on customer experience.

Amazing security

Apple is the most secure platform on the market, keeping your personal and business data safe from malicious attacks.

Unparalleled reliability

Combining the highest quality hardware with purpose built software allows Apple to offer unparalleled reliability for your business.

Safer from theft

Apple’s Activation Lock makes stolen iPhones and iPads unusable, reducing theft of Apple products significantly.

World class support

AppleCare products provide expert telephone technical support and additional hardware service options from Apple, so most issues can be resolved in a single call. And with over 450 stores worldwide, an Apple store is near you.

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