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Welcome to ServiceM8

Do work that makes a genuine difference to people's lives around the world, with a team who love what they do and work hard to make that difference bigger.

Current Job Openings

ServiceM8’s people are a key ingredient to our success. We're looking for intelligent, talented, and driven people, who understand and embrace our values, and want to be part of a team pursuing ambitious common goals.

Darwin, Australia
Darwin, Australia
Darwin, Australia
Darwin, Australia
Darwin, Australia
Darwin, Australia
Darwin, Australia

Our Values

Below are the values, behaviours and skills key to ServiceM8’s people and workplace culture. The more these values sound like you, and describe the kind of company and people you want to work with, the more likely you will thrive at ServiceM8:

Customer Success is Our Success

ServiceM8 exists to help small businesses thrive. Care intensely about customer success and value.

Keep it Simple

If it’s not the simplest solution, it’s not the right solution. Strive for simplicity.

Be Bold

Take smart risks. Solve hard problems. Challenge the status quo, dream, and innovate. Collaborate, use good judgement, make a decision, then own it.

Work Smart

Do important work that creates value, not busy work. Think strategically. Automate first. Solve problems at scale. Address root causes instead of symptoms.

Embrace Growth

Embrace change, learning, and opportunities to try new things and grow. Strive for continuous improvement, in yourself, and in ServiceM8.

Move with Focus & Urgency

Our users entrust us with their money, business and livelihoods, and depend on us to keep them in front. If we mess up, miss a deadline, or slow down, it matters.

Be Positive

Be happy. Enjoy and take pride in your work. Celebrate success. Learn from failure. Treat teammates with respect, and only say things about them you’d say to their face.

Be You

Be yourself. Be real. Be honest. Champion ServiceM8’s values, but bring your own perspective. Speak your mind, but be prepared to disagree and commit.

Focus on Impact

Do your best work, every day. Focus on effectiveness, results, and impact. Exercise self-discipline, accountability, and independence. Hold yourself to a high standard.

Our Space

Check out ServiceM8 HQ in Darwin, Australia

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About ServiceM8

ServiceM8 makes smart job management software. We exist to help small businesses thrive.

We’re a product-driven company focused on customer success. Trade and service businesses in 40+ countries around the world rely on ServiceM8 all day, every day. It empowers these people to run a more organised, productive, and professional operation, and enjoy a lifestyle.

ServiceM8 makes a real impact, and a real difference, in people’s businesses and lives.

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