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All the need-to-know basics for field technicians, office staff & business owners. Plus, some quick wins and powerful features, to help you get more out of ServiceM8.

The Basics

Job Statuses
Creating New Job Cards
Scheduling Jobs
Quoting Jobs
Starting Jobs On Site
Completing Jobs On Site
Taking Payment
Sending Invoices to your Accounting Software

Managing Jobs, Staff & Schedules

Communicating with your Team
Filtering Jobs
Scheduling Jobs
Scheduling Jobs to Teams
Scheduling in Allocation "Windows"
Create Auto-Recurring Jobs
Queues: Managing Jobs on Hold

Quoting, Invoicing & Accounting

Quoting Jobs
Billing for your Services
Taking Payment
Making it Easy for Clients to Pay
Managing Deposits & Progress Invoices
Sending Invoice Statements
Add Sections to Quotes & Invoices
Take Payment On Site & Online
Sending Invoices to your Accounting Software

Providing Great Service

Communicating with Clients
Sending Clients your ETA
Saving Email & SMS Templates
Automating Emails & Texts to Clients
Setting Up ServiceM8 Phone
Using ServiceM8 Phone
Setting up an Online Enquiry Form

Using Powerful Features

Completing PDF Forms
Managing Client Assets
Prebuild service kits with Bundles
Systemising with the Services Add-on
Getting Online Enquiries
Taking Online Bookings
Delegating with the Services Add-on

Getting Quick Wins

Convert Emails to Jobs
Taking Advantage of your Job History
Servicing Assets with Barcodes
Add Items with Barcode Scanning
Automate Pricing with Reece maX
Add Sections to Quotes & Invoices